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Signature Stamp
Meaningful Words
Favourite Expressions
Your Name
Business Name
Other Language
Portrait Stamp
Portrait Stamp
Portrait Stamp
Seal engraving, Chinese chop or stamp engraving, is recognized as one of the greatest ancient treasures in China. Chinese seal engraving is a chop used as a hand signature. You affix the signature to documents. It is a sign of approval or identification.

Choose your required design and shape of the stone seal to be your personalised identification or your own mark.
A Chinese Stamp Can Be Used for:
  • Someone’s name
  • Company or business name
  • Signature
  • Favourite expression
  • Motivational phrase
  • Meaningful words
Portrait engraved onto a stone seal:
Some of the Seal Stones 
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Choose A Design from below:
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1.Select the words in Chinese, English or any other languages.

2.Choose a Font.

3.Choose red color character (Characters cut in relief) or white character with red background (Characters cut in intaglio) .
Additional Seal paste or different gift box:
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Made from a combination of ground cinnabar, castor oil, and silk strands. The paste is an essential component to the seal’s effect. It’s thick texture and its bright red colour enables any seal to stand out on documents.

Available in two sizes, packaged in decorated porcelain dishes:
Small (15g) – suitable for size 2.2cm x 2.2cm seals or smaller only.(Also available in metal container.)
Large (150g) – suitable for all sizes. (Also available in metal container)

Customized gift boxes made of a combination of satin and velvet, with a traditional latch-closure adds an extra touch to keepsake stone seals. Boxes can be made to accommodate specific needs of stone seal.

An ideal gift for new companies, newlywed couples, birthdays, anniversaries or even graduate students!
 Vel Art Collections Sdn Bhd D6-1-8 Bangunan Perdagangan d6 801 Jalan Sentul 51000 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  Tel:+60340423888
Stone Seal Engraving